Welcome To Our Women's Only
Private Weight Loss Group  

Led Daily By a Professional Coach
  • Monthly challenges
  • Motivational lessons
  • ​Self-Confidence boosts
  • ​Weekend hacks
  • ​Laughter, fun, and support
  • ​Expert weight loss advice

Would You Like Help To Be The Best YOU?

  • Are you having any health issues because you need to lose weight?
  • ​​How's your energy level on a daily basis?
  • ​How's your confidence and self-esteem? Is there room for improvement?
  • ​Is there anything in your life you would enjoy doing better if you lost the weight?
  • ​Do you know how amazing you are?  If not, we will be showing you!


My name is Jodi and I have been helping people lose weight since 2010.  My journey began with a need for my own family member desperately needing to lose weight.  It became very personal and urgent when my dearest loved one failed a Life Insurance exam and the company said, "NO WAY" on coverage.  "You're overweight and not healthy!"  Yikes.  This news stopped us dead in our tracks.

Literally from that minute forward we committed our entire life to not only getting our own selves healthier (and happier) through weight loss, but it turned into helping people who also had the same struggles and same frustrations.  

Losing weight is not an easy battle.  We have perfected real live answers to a very real worldwide problem. We feel so blessed to have the scientific knowledge and strategies all in place to help people just like you, 

Typical Weight Loss Frustrations 

  • Not knowing what food to eat
  • Not having a support system
  • ​Not having time or desire to exercise
  • ​Not losing fast enough
  • ​Not being able to keep it off once you lose it
  • ​Not knowing where to start
  • ​Not believing you CAN make a change and succeed
  • ​Not being with enough like-minded people with the same goals
  • ​Not having FUN all along the way.  Our support group IS FUN!!!

Topics We Focus On 
INSIDE The Group...

  • The battle is real:  7 out of 10 people struggle with their weight
  • Defining moments:  What made you ready for a change?
  • How obesity effects your health and happiness
  • ​What would losing weight do for you?
  • ​Knowing how certain foods will stop you from losing weight
  • ​How to turn your body into a fat burning machine
  • ​Learn how to eat out or have company over without destroying your plan
  • ​How to improve your self-esteem and self-worth (we work on this a LOT)
  • ​Conquer emotional eating and have a healthy relationship with food
  • ​Using the "buddy System" and "sisterly support" can make a huge difference
  • ​Channel into how empowering it is to succeed 
  • ​Mental strength and how to maximize it for your own benefit

YOU Are NOT Alone

Did you know 7 out of 10 people in the United States are overweight?  The great thing about understanding this statistic is it should help you understand it is a battle 70% of people fight.  We can't wait to connect you with others who have the same struggle, but more importantly 
TEACH YOU how YOU CAN conquer weight loss.  
Let's fight the battle together AND WIN

Women's Support Group Details

The Cost

  • $37.00 one-time fee for lifetime entrance into our women's only private weight loss group.   
  • Effort:  We push you to believe in yourself so you can reach your goals, not just regarding weight loss, but in LIFE.   

The Benefits

  • Knowledge - being led by a Coach who has successfully helped people lose weight is awesome.    She knows things you must know to be successful in your own weight loss journey.   
  • Believing In Yourself - We are women.  We are Rock stars of our own little world.  Let us help you remember how amazing you are.    
  • And So Much More...

See What Others Are Saying Who Have 
Worked With Coach Jodi


For over a decade BEFORE this private group was created we have successfully been helping people lose weight.  In fact, in our first 10 YEARS in the weight loss industry 
we helped people lose a TOTAL of

Over 70,000 pounds!!!

(Now that's a BIG DEAL!)

Check out some quick 
On-The-Spot-Very-Candid Interviews 
from people
Who Were Sick & Tired of Being Sick and Tired...

Disclaimer:  The following testimonials are from people who used Jodi's STRUCTURED weight loss program.  Group members are under no obligation of joining The ProHealth Diet.    

Enjoy a few success stories of people who have worked with 
C O A C H    J O D I

Stephanie= Keepin' It Off

Lisa = 40 pounds lost

Holly = 80 pounds lost

Pat = 65 pounds lost

Alissa= 100 pounds lost

Friends Losing Weight

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